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Auto Transport Ohio is the leading provider of automobile transport and motor vehicle shipping in Ohio. We don’t just offer competitive pricing for all of your auto shipping needs, but we offer it at the most affordable pricing available. We go above the rest to make automobile transport easy for our customers. Our staff of professional automobile agents makes shipping your car anywhere in Ohio or throughout the entire United States seamless and worry free as we handle everything for you. Need a car shipped internationally? We can take care of that for you as well. Unlike many transporters, we offer door to door shipping service that allows peace of mind of getting to know the driver who will be hauling your motor vehicle. All of our transport services are safe and secure and ensure protection for your automobile at all times.

While some companies will make you wait for weeks at a time before they schedule your automobile for pick-up, we work hard to make sure your car is picked up quickly so you won’t have to wait around on delivery. We know how important having the car available is to our customers and we strive to make delivery fast and simple. When you choose Auto Transport Ohio you’ll see that your car is not only completely safe during transport but that it will be back in your hands fast. To have your car on the road to delivery in the quickest time possible, give one of our professional team members a call today and we can have you on the road fast as lightening.

We get questions all the time about some of our services and wanted to share those with you in hopes of answering some of your questions up front:

Do you charge fees for heavier vehicles?

Heavier vehicles often take up more space on carriers as well as making the carrier truck use more fuel during transport. These extra fuel costs are added into your total quote when you book the transport. We won’t add fees to the cost after the car has been shipped.

When Should I Book My Transport?

Anytime you’re planning to have a motor vehicle shipped, whether local or long distance, it is always advised to make the plans as early as possible. Scheduling at least 2 weeks ahead of time is suggested. When we transport cars, we have up to 10 or 12 cars on the truck at any given time and need to reserve the space for each car on the load. Scheduling ahead of time allow for space on the carrier for your car. If you need expedited services and find that you’re unable to schedule in advance don’t worry. We can always make plans to have your car on the road in no time at all.

You Offer Door to Door Service. What does that mean?

Many automobile transporters will have you place your car at a shipping terminal for them to pick up from. Not only are terminals far away from you personally, but it can take up to a month or longer to schedule transport from a terminal. We offer door to door transport meaning that your car will be in your possession up until the time the drivers arrives to pick it up. While we try to pick up directly from your home or business, there may be times when we have to arrange pick-up somewhere near you. If your home or business is in a secluded neighborhood, has roads that would be difficult for a large automobile carrier to access, or is many miles out of the city we will have the driver meet you nearby at a large, easily navigable parking lot.

Will I Have to Be with My Car When It is Picked Up?

We do ask that the owner of the vehicle is present when the driver arrives to pick the car up. We have to complete a vehicle inspection to check for damages on the vehicle and this will be signed by both the driver and the car owner. If you cannot be present yourself, you will need to let us know the name of the person you have chosen to be with the car and to sign the inspection paperwork in your absence.

If you need to have your motor vehicle transported to or from Ohio contact one of our professional staff today to get your transport scheduled. Our staff has the knowledge and experience in the automobile transport industry to answer all of your questions, give you sound relocation advice and offer you the best services based upon your personal situation.

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